It is vital to keep in mind that the ways employed by Posnansky had been in advance of carbon relationships

It is vital to keep in mind that the ways employed by Posnansky had been in advance of carbon relationships

Carbon relationships only tells us the outcomes out-of types of natural information within the web site, not the newest rocks themselves

Carbon matchmaking try a measure of age some thing because of the just how much of radioisotope carbon-14 stays in examples of the space next to otherwise the underside a structure. Carbon-14 has actually a half life of around 5700 years, and also the accepted way of thinking is that the ages of anything will likely be mentioned of the exactly how much carbon-14 remains on examples. By this means, Posnansky’s theories has actually in essence already been dumped of the many of twenty-first century medical and archaeological organizations. To phrase it differently, carbon matchmaking evaluation suggest that it framework isn’t any over 1500 years of age. If this is real, it towns the full time from the city’s habitation between eight hundred and you can five-hundred Post into the urban area being given up from inside the one thousand.

Even considering those individuals selection (and it’s really important to note, that have partners composed information, you will find much conjecture in every with the), that doesn’t replace the undeniable fact that carbon dioxide relationships cities the construction of these ruins on not very faraway prior

It might see whenever like clinically gotten research, the latest conjecture away from Puma Punku are a great pre-Neolithic monument inside the a region present in advance of civilized humankind was compensated permanently. You may still find, yet not, many questions relating to such mystical spoils that can’t end up being wrapped up very nicely. That was it getting? Why does it wind up as a lot of most other enormous stone structures one to haven’t any visible a style of getting centered? Like with all of these megaliths, there clearly was a sign of some thing becoming correctly set-to line up with some thing. If the earth are tilted in a different way, would we see Posnansky’s eyes of your astronomy connection? Current news of one’s astrological zodiac being out-of because of shifts regarding Planet’s axis recommend that significant alignments changes on the span of date. Could it possibly be yet fetched one to many thousands of years in the past, these megaliths perform complement so you’re able to exact dimensions?

They are certainly old, however they are they primitive? Nothing of those tests and you can ideas has provided a decisive respond to as to why the dwelling is made in the original set. It’s been speculated your area try an effective seaport, but it is destination to close River Titicaca is apparently also high up getting a feasible closing place. Yet not, you can find signs and symptoms of a great cataclysmic flood in your neighborhood such because the geological shifts and you can limestone sediments into artifacts. Is it possible that real proof which framework and you may its real many years was indeed wash aside in that flood? Actually, why does they feel the similarities out-of other ancient monuments while in the the country? All of these structures like Stonehenge and you may Gobekli Tepe have been old before the beginning off society, there try similarities about construction. You’ll the city in itself have been given up long before the individuals today indigenous to the bedroom turned up? As good as it’s in the determining the age of people normal material, will it tell you a complete address?

The brand new theories enrolled in from the those who analysis the potential for extraterrestrials commonly offer the studies done-by Teacher Posnansky, regardless if progressive ios hookup app ads research provides disregarded him or her. For those who believe, the latest studies done commonly convincing adequate, and the subject remains a matter of sensuous debate one of gurus and you will laymen alike. Speculations range from the construction are determined by the a belief inside the extraterrestrials passed out-of generations to extraterrestrials themselves being accountable for the form. When looking at web sites for example Puma Punku on sky, plus the other old formations around the world, around seems to be a common theme off game activities and you can accurate products. What exactly do they imply?

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