SEWEL/SUEL Property: Abstracts from Virginia’s North Shoulder Is deserving of Studies, Frederick County, 1747-1780, Vol

SEWEL/SUEL Property: Abstracts from Virginia’s North Shoulder Is deserving of Studies, Frederick County, 1747-1780, Vol

Slaughter’s History of Truro Parish in the Virginia, my posted p

–Joyner North Shoulder Abstracts, Vol. II, p. 67: “Frederick County – WILLIAM Hallway, fifteen Apr. 1762 – 29 Mar. 1763 (resurvey); 2,236 an excellent. to your Potomack Roentgen. near mouth away from Shannandoah R., Cabben Work with, Elks Br., Howards Br, Road regarding Winchester; adj his very own home (his domestic mill taken into the plat), Simeon Rice, mes, Gershem Keyes [child Humphrey m. William’s dau.], Colo John Carlyle, John Gladden, John Sewell, John Crow [William Hall’s kid Joseph m. Mary Crow–try John this lady dad?–shb] Jno Vestal [son William’s widow Hannah m. William’s man Thomas]. Surv. Thomas Rutherford. Unique pat. – 1,068 a great. excessive inside original – step 1,035 a.; later questionnaire – 133 an effective., most of the contiguous tracts in a single survey.” –shb

II, Compiled by Peggy Shomo Joyner (Portsmouth, Virginia: Published in person by Joyner, 5008 Dogwood Walk, 23703), p. 139: “JOHN SEWEL/SUEL [look for entryway above, too–shb], zero wart, survd Letter.D.; 365 a good. adj. Capt Rutherford, Peter Burr, Benja Bradly, Wm Hallway, old Fundamental Rhode, walter Shurly. CC – Thos Smith Benja Bradly. Surv. Guy Broadwater.” –shb 27 Se 2000

1762–George Arizona, Esqr. (“Dad of one’s Country”) try chosen and you will appointed as among the Vestrymen, Truro Parish. In the 1758, John Western jun was Clerk of Vestry (Rev. 13). –shb

1762–An effective JOHN Hallway Try Strings Carrier For MARTIN PICKETT Result in FAUQUIER County: Joyner North Neck Abstracts (pick ref. above), Vol. III, p. 142: “Fauquier County – MR Pickett having just who survd, 11 mar. 1762 – 8 Apr. 1762; 243 a good. for the dr. of Carter’s Run, Rappa Roentgen. Piney Mt.; adj. Henry for every single, Joes Hall John Herbs. Introduce – John Rossier Wm Pickett,

1762, 1771–MAJR CHARLES BROADWATER: Joyner, Vol. IV, p. 106: “Fairfax State – MAJR CHARLES BROADWATER, zero wart, survd 17 Apr. 1762; 83 an effective. to the fk off Google search Br; adj. his very own, Watts, Harrison. CC – William Tunnell (otherwise Tunwell?) John Hyson. Surv. John Western, Junr”; [next] “MAJR CHARLES BROADWATER, step one Summer 1769 – 5 Annual percentage rate. 1771; 208 a beneficial. with the Browse Br. regarding Accotink, Incur Br; adj. Benja Cranky (earlier John Colvill’s), Harrison, Richard Watts (earlier John Watts), John Fitzhugh. Surv. William Hough having John Hough.” –shb

IV (come across significantly more than), pp

1763–Pact Off PARIS Finalized: Rouse (The great Wagon Roadway), p. 89: “Even if The united kingdom in 1763 expelled the newest French throughout the trans-Appalachian part, warfare into red guys proceeded. Ab muscles next year chief Pontiac of your own Ottawas–one of the Half a dozen Nations–renewed periods into the white settlers. Shawnees once again ravaged the newest Area of Virginia . . . .” –shb

1763–Owned GRIST Mill/RIONS Went Nearby FULLING Mill/NEIGHBORS: Several other early mill manager at the beginning of Jefferson State was William Vestal (basic husband out of Hannah Potts, which ‘s kid Thomas). Pick notes from child Thomas, RIN 23799, to own a free account from how it happened in order to William’s mills of 1769 on–also for a lot more about William’s natives within the Jefferson State, including Gershom Keyes (RIN 7301–house transactions 1763 connected with their boy Humphrey (RIN 699), Joseph McCormacks, John Carlyle, John Gladdion, John Sewell, John Crow, Simeon Rice, and you will Robert Harper. –shb

1763–Almost every other FREDERICK County Locals: Find 1763 cards away from William’s man-in-laws Humphrey Keyes having homes survey by John Semple [discover “Sample” has into the p. 138–shb], regarding Secrets–listings residential property on the southern area off Shanandoah “adj. Humphrey Keyes, their own (G. Keyes) residential property. Robt. Harper. CC – Thos Hart Jno Grain. Questionnaire Thomas Rutherford.” –shb

1763–JOHN Stacks, JONAS POTTS Questionnaire Out-of Homes Towards GOOSE CREEK, LOUDOUN Condition (Warrant was a student in 1751): Joyner abstracts, Vol. 102-103 (select 1751 notes to own text). [Note: An e Hallway m. a good John Potts–dating unfamiliar.] –shb

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